Ardrossan Stud has been successfully breeding Lowline cattle for 26 years, but, with the opportunity to sell a large portion of our farm, we have decided to sell most of our stock.
We have bred and exported Lowline genetics all around the World, as well as helped start up and supply many studs in Australia.
Our cattle have been successful in the show ring worldwide, as well as Carcase Competitions and Eating Quality Competitions. We have been supplying Certified Lowline Beef to private clients and restaurants and butchers for many years. We have for sale the following quality stock:-
Cows with calves at foot and back in calf
Cows in calf
Heifers and Heifers in calf

Cows and Heifers are in calf to Ardrossan Coala pictured
We invite your inspection and selection from our herd of productive, grass raised cattle.
Jeanette & Peter Stebbins
Ph. 0438 542495
Email: [email protected]